Run Afoul

In this issue Balls gets animalistic. Lots of appearances of camels, cougars, dinosaurs, and horses. He will need all the help he can get from his animal friends as this issue reveals Balls’ reoccurring antagonist General Tso‘s foul plan to take over the world.
Balls has all the brains of a bird, he has the eye of the tiger (sound track), the kung fu of a panda, and heart of a lion (that he stole from some poor sap in the Land of OZ).
Mustard is not an animal lover. Possibly why she is somewhat of a vegetarian. If she was ever to have a pet, she would prefer a pet human. She would almost consider dating Balls as taking in a stray. With the amount of kibble that she’s bought for him, it’s pretty much true.
Though I hope that this comic’s animal magnetism gets to you and lets you cry like the wolf, quack like the duck and dance like the chicken.