Full Upright Position

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Balls 2 That collected book number three with continued service to Dallas and Fortworth. All carry on items should now be stowed securely either in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. All electronic devices should be turned off and stowed as they may interfere with the aircrafts navigational and communication systems. If you can get one of your devices to actually take control of the plane, that is one amazing gameboy and you should let Nintendo know about that. If you are seated in an emergency exit row enjoy the leg room as everyone else is crammed in here like a sardine. As we leave the gate please make sure your seat belt is fastened. If you don’t know how to fastened a seat belt, please let the staff know so we can have you publicly humiliated. Please remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened any time the seat belt sign is on. Even if the sign is off, we ask that you please keep the seat belt fastened in case we experience some unexpected turbulence. Smoking is not allowed on any flight and federal law prohibits tampering, disabling, or destroying any restroom smoke detectors. But if the plane starts to go down, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Please take a moment to find the exits nearest to you, keeping in mind that the closest exit may be behind you. If there is a drop in cabin pressure panels above your seat will open revealing oxygen masks. If this happens, I’d recommend going for the cigarettes if you got them, because second hand smoke is the least concern of your fellow passengers. Before we take off please be sure that your seat is in the full upright and locked position, your table tray is put away and all carry on items are securely stowed. Once again welcome to the fifth issue of
Balls 2 That and we hope you enjoy your read.