Balls 2 That is about a guy, a girl, and the blender that loves them.
It’s a little blue, it’s a little crude. It’s also crudely drawn and blue in colour.

This comic started as a side project while I was working full time on the Rooster Teeth Comic and so to save time it was drawn as uncolored sketches with all the blue lines left in. When I took Balls 2 That on full time I began colouring it in but by this point the readers thought the sketchy blue lines were an intentional style choice. So at their demand the comic returned to the sketchy black and blue style which the comic is now know for.

They are all one off jokes or encapsulated adventures but there is a bit of continuity to the whole series. Let’s recap:
Balls is a mental patient and Mustard is his nurse as well as his on again, off again love interest. Balls talks to blenders and one, Blendy, is his best friend. Talking to blenders became a useful talent when the earth was invaded by blenders from outer space. This ability makes Balls a great interest to Dr.Rind, his physician, as well as the evil General Tso. General Tso plans to take over the world using mind control that Dr.Rind is developing (Balls being his best test patient for that). The gang has bounced around several institutions researching mind control, most recently at a pharmaceutical company in the city of Los Martini, California. General Tso has just purchased controlling shares in the company, so now they all work together. You might say this is a workplace comic, but you would be hard pressed to define this comic in any particular way.