You Should Be Ashamed

You Should Be Ashamed

I want to be an activist to change the laws of this land. Not legal laws, but social laws. I feel we men deserve at least five to six shakes at the urinal and it being okay.

And yes, I have fully drawn a cock behind that speech balloon.

  • Whittonjj

    If the entire speech bubble is used to cover his dick then I’m guessing that his “pool-stick” trick wasn’t an exaggeration.

  • DecroMcQuin

    Why is Mustard in the boys washroom?

  • Some Punk

    what? No he’s not. He’s not in violation of those laws. Clearly the author didn’t read the laws prior to attempting to satirize them. The author didn’t do his homework. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • Luke McKay

      tis, true, I just quickly googled any legal item I could to add to the comic at the last minute to fill in empty space.

      • Some Punk

        It’s close though.
        It’s the setting really.

        There was this male that didn’t want to wait for the cleaners to finish cleaning the public bathroom. So he went in and used the bathroom. The problem is that the cleaners was females. He was arrested and charged by that penal code and later released by the courts who firmly believed it he didn’t violate it because he used a stall and faced away from the females. Neither female actually saw his penis because he didn’t drop his pants but instead used his zipper and that flap that’s on all male underwear.

        The judge determined that the only way that the code be used against him is if he actually dropped his pants and then brandished his instrument in front of them. He then sued the city for damages. And of course the courts gave him money.

  • Jegsimmons

    Oh lord have mercy, Mustard became an SJW feminist.

    “I feel we men deserve at least five to six shakes at the urinal and it being okay.”

    Welcome to the MRA club, luke. Where our movement makes 100% sense but people bitch at us anyway for not focusing on them.