Balls didn’t fair so well when he fought Bigfoot. I don’t wee why Mustard would think she would do well against the yeti.


    I’m surprised Mustard didn’t kick the Yeti in the “Balls”

  • Shamil Imran Meghji

    I don’t “Wee” why? XD

    • Luke McKay


  • She got her ass kicked by a big foot. She tried to stop him. Yeti did it anyway. She shouldn’t have tried to sass quatch.

    Nurse, heal thyself. (Eric, shut up.)

  • CBR

    Poor Mustard XD

  • Isaac Wilber

    Are her hose winterized? Because I just realized she’s not wearing snowpants… Maybe all that running from the yeti will counteract the frostbite!

  • Jegsimmons

    yetis are dicks.

    Let name this yeti dick. That way we get Dick and Balls in a fight