Still playing lots of Destiny…  well, not last night so much. Their servers were attacked and the ones in my area were down. But its game rich with story. Or I assume it is. The Speaker doesn’t seem to say much considering all that’s going on. Come on man, fill in some of those details!

  • SGT629

    I intensely desire balls to pull a Bane and break the cryptarch’s spine

  • jegsimmons

    Oh hey, so thats how these comments work.
    Also, i wish i had the dough to drop on destiny and an xbox one.

  • Tommie J

    In the last panel the mark on his chest is totally a dick.

  • Jose Rojas

    Sorry for the comments system guys. We are having more than a few technical dick-a-faulties.


  • Mykle D Clark

    Ha! “Rich with story.” You are a funny guy.