Okay, here’s the deal with this comic.. on the surface, just kind of a dumb gag. True, but what’s really happening is that I’m stalling for time. You see I wrote up a story arc here to develop the Balls 2 That story a bit, problem being, the story I wrote had gaping plot holes and badly addressed some social issues. Fortunately I have friends who help me with this comic / website and Jose was good to point out those mistakes before I posted any comics. I am currently rewriting this story arc and I’m sure it can still be saved. Let’s hope our characters here don’t get too fucked up.

  • Adrian

    You pussy! Post your original version – I mean it’s not like the internet would ever see something inappropriate and start screaming or anything! 🙂

  • DecroMcQuin

    Don’t worry Luke ,after all this is the internet, I’m sure people will be understanding and be patient for the improvements.

  • Take whatever time you need, I don’t mind dumb gags.