Too Slow

Too Slow

This is a tale all too familiar to me as a younger man.

  • Tucker: oooh! that’s what she said! bow chicka bow wow

  • cyborg_127

    If I was that other guy, I’m not sure I’d be proud about lasting that long, er short.

  • maybe he was a little too quick?

  • Jegsimmons

    why is mustard smiling? there is no way that was enough time to get her off.

    and mustard, you tease, let the man get his rocks off!!!

    also ball’s face in first panel is glorious!!!

    • I can’t have Balls getting his rocks off in this comic. The comic is all blue, so I need Balls to be blue to stick with the style.. buh dum, chtssss

      • cyborg_127

        I’m sorry, Luke, but it’s already happened in the past. Surely you remember… ‘Boop.’

      • Jegsimmons

        i see what you did there.

        also his lawyer and colonel sugar.

  • TomNova

    *finishing first joke*
    *sloppy seconds joke*
    *Fastest man alive joke*
    *Balls came too late joke*
    *Bad phone plan joke* 😛

  • Caleb

    This comic looks really nice for some reason, Great job!

    • It’s the middle panel, it’s all Flash style

  • Also part of this joke is that I was 2 minutes and Fifty-six seconds late to a film shoot and got locked out.

    • It’s true, the video podcast we shot at EXP was supposed to be with Luke too but he was late so we started without him. At the beginning of the podcast you can see my phone start blinking with Luke;s text message telling me he was at the door but that it was locked. So close… yet so far.

  • OboeCrazy

    100% battery? No phone ever has that much battery!!!

    • TomNova

      apparently balls runs so fast that it generates electricity. myth busted.

  • I’m more worried that it took the sergeant only three minutes to finish!