Together Again

Together Again

Alright! The gang is all back together again. This comic really was shit without Blendy.

  • Jegsimmons

    Poor mustard is jealous of a mutant blender.

  • Whittonjj

    Mustard, if you got over Balls shooting you, you’ll get over this too.

  • Beowulfs

    Huzzah comments are back! So it would seem all’s well that ends well… Unless Balls and Blendy decide to become galactic villains together.

  • Cyborg_127

    Glad to see comments are working again. I did enjoy the link to you drawing a page a few comics back.

    • Luke McKay

      I’ll be sure to do more of them.

  • Hey Luke, is that a tit on Mustard’s right boob? Lmao


      haha its just the shading


    mustard you can always stay mad at him 🙂