The Kaiju That Loved Me part 22

As with any adventure, its always good to end off where you began. So again Balls and Mustard at at odds romantically.. but maybe not. Who knows. It’s just a thing with them with their on and off relationship.

  • Cyborg_127

    That is a surprising amount of self control from Balls. I don’t think I could manage to say ‘no’ to a hot nurse wanting the D.

    • Luke McKay

      thus proving his insanity

      • It’s his lack of depth perception, obviously. Maybe if she turned a little more to the side…

  • C.B.R

    Just say no Balls! Just say no!

  • Well, Balls has completely lost the plot now. surely in desperation Mustard is going to seek romantic solace with Colonel Sugar? That’s what the fans have been hanging out for…

    • Luke McKay

      I’m all about the fan service. I’ve made a note of that.



  • Beowulfs

    Great comic, I can’t wait till the next one.