The Kaiju That Loved Me part 12

so we have reached the half way point of this adventure, which means for the epic battle that the Mega Robo Titan and Kaiju Balls have will be found in the centerfold of the comic book, which is something I leave offline and just for folks who buy the books. You gotta treat your paying customers to a bit extra.

Also the narrator in this comic is supposed to be H.P. Lovecraft … kinda looks like him, but his writing style was a bit hard for me to simulate.

  • cyborg_127

    So, long story short – Balls is still playing with toys in the bath. Just now that bath is slightly bigger.

  • Adrian

    So was he banging Mustard or was that also part of his bath tub fantasy? If fantasy then he might want to change the water.


    So…. this whole entire story was Balls IN A BATHTUB?!

  • It’s easy to write as Lovecraft: 1) Write a note with “My name is ________” and leave it on the bathroom mirror. 2) Stay up for 14-18 consecutive days, without leaving your house. 3) Step outside at night, then scream “IA! IA! CTHULHU FTAGHN!” 4) Write about what you see. 5) Remember, the only adjectives you need are “cyclopean” and “horror”.