The Kaiju That Loved Me part 1

Wow, it’s been six months since I last posted a comic. And seems I’m a little rusty. I forgot how to post things here at the Button Mash site. This comic should have gone up at midnight.

But I hope you enjoy it. Its the first page to a book I hope to have out in two months time. Please come back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for updates.

  • Jegsimmons

    that alot like how my first dates go. i shoot them in the stomach and go out to eat dinner and see a godzilla movie.

    nothing says “I love you” like a .357 flesh wound.

    • Luke McKay

      for a first date, I usually keep it at the BB gun level.

      • Jegsimmons

        how you expect a second date after that? 😉

  • Wardog01

    It’s great to have you back, Balls… you too Luke.

  • Cyborg_127

    Welcome back, Luke! glad to see you posting again.



  • Myshu

    Hah, Mustard knows what she’s signing up for, at least. She’s a veteran of dating Balls.

    (And hell yeah Godzilla’s a good date movie–I’ll punch anybody who says otherwise.)

  • Jack

    Thanks Luke, I love your work.

  • Beowulfs

    Welcome back Luke!

  • C.B.R

    Yaaaaaayyy! So good to see some new comics! Really happy to see