The Hills Are Alive

The Hills Are Alive

Singing in the mountains Mustard? We’ll have nun of that.

  • CBR

    Even when climbing a mountain she still manages to where her sexy nurse uniform!

  • Goddammit! Now I have the Sound of Music on the brain. Grrrr. The agony. 🙁 I better go see if Nico has an awesome version of those. I actually like Carolina in the Morning now — but only his version.

    My understanding is that you only need to cut off one arm of snow monsters and they turn into big crybabies. Hopefully, she remembered to pack a light saber because I don’t see her carrying anything else that would work.



  • Jegsimmons

    probably -20 and still wearing a miniskirt and a jacket that shows her figure and about to fight Yetis.

    greatest comic ever….just saiyan