Speedy Delivery

Speedy Delivery

That’s right, Mustard’s last name is Stewart. One of those little tidbits that you would know if you read the comments in the printed book. Speaking of which, we haven’t had many book sales lately but today we had two! Thanks Patrick and Kyle. <3 U guys.

  • Steve Davies

    Ahh the good ol’ Sea Duck!

  • Just curious. What are those straps for on Mustard? (That have last names?!)

    • Luke McKay

      they are for her to look more like Lara Croft

  • OboeCrazy

    He’s wearing a shirt with a hot dog on it. *gasp* HE JUST WANTS MUSTARD ON HIS WIENER!!

  • Joe

    So for the interested, those Lat/Long coordinates are in the middle of oceans except for N by E, which puts good Ol’ Mustard in Bhutan.

  • Enzo

    Oh-ee-eh! TALESPIN! Oh-ee-oh!

  • CBR

    Im actually prety afraid that dick might kill mustard! He’s pretty scary looking.


    okay fuck it I’m gonna do it on the last panel anyway….