So Thirsty

So Thirsty

Hope you have a cold beverage on a nice summer day like today.

  • OmegaB

    Tasty tasty fire.

  • Tom

    Yeah, you gotta be careful with that shit. I was out “working” in the sun today. Not even all that hot (only !85F or so). Came in to cool off. Made myself a mixed drink. Now I’m drunk as shit on one tiny little “adult beverage”

    I guess dehydration and alcohol don’t mix…

    • I’ll procrastinate later

      yeah, if your dehydrated you have less blood, thus causing you to get drunk with less less. i study biology but i dumbed it down because your probably still drunk.

  • So, Balls is a true blond…

  • Balls is good at doing commercials for drink ads

  • Blue fire molotov?!?!?!…..that fucker must be hot!….Must be Absinthe….