Having a great time out here at the Penny Arcade Expo. Though I think I might be drinking a bit too much. But I we should have some great new game news posted up real soon from all the awesome stuff we are getting to do here.

  • Piro-Tech

    … his mind was blown…

  • No worries, I’m sure Doc has a spare head or two stashed just for days like this.

  • ShadowStylez

    One beer wrecked his head; no tolerance for alcohol.

  • akaRoger

    Whatever blows your hair back.

  • Love the Maple Leaf on the can.

  • Nova

    You forgot to put the safety on 😉

  • fatality…

  • Jegsimmons

    Thats one way to get a hangover.

  • TheAceOfSkulls

    He got more bang for his buck.
    Wasn’t Balls a spy once? He should know how bad blowback can be.
    Seems he got in over his head and now he’s stumped.
    The race between the beer and Balls was neck and neck until the beer managed to get a head.
    Some people got to extremes to get smashed.