Shocking Discovery

Shocking Discovery

Dr.Rind doesn’t miss Balls in the least. Even with Mustards amazing stories of his farts that could actually kill small animals.

  • McCluckles38

    Good ‘Ol Balls! :3



  • Quinny

    Oh how I have missed these characters

  • There needs to be a diagram that details what caused which bandage on Balls

      • But that’s his head (and not specifically the left eye). What about his arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs, hands and that freaky heart-shaped scar on his chest? And how does Luke remember where to put them? There are so many, and they’re always in the same place for the longest time now. (I noticed the scar for the first time in Origins. Things have changed a bit since Keep The Faith.)

        (Edit: I have trouble matching plurals when a sentence begins with “there”.)

  • Jegsimmons

    Balls saw the tekken animated movie where a dude caught a tomahawk with his teeth and ate it. I think a brick is more impressive.

  • Jonathan Molloy

    WOW!!!!! That’s impressive that Balls could catch a brick in his teeth and eat it.