Safety First

Safety First

Balls sure seems quite knowledgeable about all this space stuff and equipment. I know he’s talked to Blendy and the Space Blenders, but I think I should write in something to the commentary of the printed book of how Balls knows how to work all this science stuff. He in fact a moron and not Mr.Spock and Scotty combined.

  • Cyborg_127

    Blendy better come out of this alive.

    • Beowulfs

      Even if he doesn’t this wouldn’t be the first time he died. Remember when Balls and Mustard had to recharge him with lightning. Bet they could do that again.

  • If you think about it too much, getting out of bed isn’t safe. (I still get out of bed because I don’t think I could convince my employers that I need hazard pay for it.)

  • Gildarts

    After years of knowing that you made the RT Comics, which I never got to read, I now find that you made a webcomic. Four days later I’ve read all of it. Waiting for one update at a time is going to be brutal.