Recounting Your Experience

Thus wrapping up this role playing adventure. This was all very silly. But Dungeons and Dragons is silly. You and I should play more of it. I’m playing a campaign at the moment with my D&D group where I’m the DM. (my first successful time as DM) in a homebrew adventure I wrote called “Trouble on Orc Island” I think I might even publish it someday.

  • Jegsimmons

    Lol, of course thats what Balls focuses on.

    I want to play DnD by my area isnt a place where DnD players are common. So i’ve never been able to play.

    wish they had a DND online, and i dont mean that shitty ass MMO they made that was 20 hours of pest control.

  • Brian Dillman

    D&D online is shit i tried to play it but……..well it’s boring and not in the spirit of the real game.
    Some times you just want to sneak off and kill some goblins/Orc/what ever and steal their shit.
    The stupid movie and all the games were all about saving the world/stopping a war or some other shit.
    The best adventures were random monsters for reasons and then shit happens.
    I also liked under dog groups like untrained lv 1 players leave home for reasons then shit happens followed by more shit.
    We also played zero lv adventure with kids that ended up with a class after playing in the adventure. Cantrips for spells and creative ways to defeated things that would kill you fast.