I did an actual painting of Balls’ painting.


  • Jon B

    Nice. I’m putting in a bid. =)
    Hey Luke, do you do commissions by any chance? I doubt it with how busy you always say you are in the descriptions, but thought I’d ask in case I don’t win. Nothing complicated.

    • Luke McKay

      I do take commissions, I have just one or two things to clear off my to do list and then I’m totally available. Shoot me an email of what you have in mind:

  • Jegsimmons

    nothing like starting my day with side boob and a clever joke.

  • Snowie Stormflower

    Aaagh, nooo, I’ve already reached the current end of the comics, and I only started reading them yesterday too!

    Anyway, Luke, what did you originally have in mind when you started drawing Balls as a guy covered in bandages? He’s quite the odd fellow.

    • Luke McKay

      Balls’ design came from when I was drawing myself all bandaged up like Marv from Sin City. And then just evolved the more and more I drew it, until it became a character of it’s own. But a lot of it is just random craziness.

      • Ierotheos

        Its funny, but the painting is surprisingly tasteful

    • This is clone-Balls, who isn’t even injured anymore (the original got beat up a lot). There might be a reveal as to what’s under the eyepatch. I have more to read…