Power of Olympus

Power of Olympus

How you liking the Olympic games? I’m waiting for some of the bloopers still. Come on you highly trained athletes, do something funny.

  • Cyborg_127

    A Horse face-planted today in the Equestrian cross-country races, if you missed it. Also, does this site mean Balls2That will continue on?

    • It sure will! The old Balls 2 That site was very broken and rather than rebuild the whole works Luke and I decided to integrate it into The Button Mash. Here you can see the other stuff that Luke does like the video shorts, staff blog posts and soon the podcast. There is also a direct link to the store here too if you’d like to buy a book.

      Balls 2 That has always been a part of Button Mash Productions and now everything in is one awesome place :). There will be a few bugs as we make the transition from the old site so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you see something broken or have any suggestions.

  • Telefon

    Regarding the site-change:

    It would have been nice if you could number the strips, something which I think would make it easier to navigate.

    #258 Mysteries of the Orient seems to be bugged, and strips from sept 4, 09 to may 22, 11 is currently not up.

    Also, will the comments for the previous strips be integrated into this site or discarded?

    The best of luck with the integrating. 🙂

    • Not all the comics have been ported over yet. Three years worth of artwork to reformat and upload is going to take a while but Luke and I are working on it. The commenting system on the old site is no longer supported by the company that created it so there was no way to export the comments unfortunately. That was one of the many things broken with the old site.

  • hi ace50

    site change – it was change, so i hated it at first.
    after a cupple of min to get used to it, i still hate it.
    and probibly will for the next few days… mabey weeks.
    tho i do like how its now directly on the button mash website, and all the other contents of it can be easly acsessable.
    the worse part is the extream lag that happens on my computer because of it.
    the page takes forever to load, and then my computer is laggy for the next few min.
    hopefully cookies will fix that, but till then, uch.
    and now im off to go cheak steamfunk out, byby.
    (btw, as i was trying to submit this, i tryed picking my own name, and i didnt tell me what the second box was for when it popped up. i figured it out in 5 seconds, but it would be a nice fix for consumer sake.)

    • Where are you located, are you overseas? Perhaps it’s a distance thing. I’m not sure how this website could affect your browser in such a way as to slow your entire computer though. The old Balls 2 That site was a very simple html/css site so it did load quite quickly. However it also meant Luke had to recode the home page every time he wanted to post a comic.

      The second box is for your email, pretty sure the field is supposed to say “email” in it. Again maybe the slowness you’re experiencing is delaying it from showing.

      Hopefully we can workout any kinks quickly, but until then let the hate flow through you. That’s step three on Dark Side path to finger lightning and Force chokes.

  • You changed the format!!! Must say it looks really good, just gunna take some getting used to…
    PS~~hope you get to feelin better soon!!

    • Yup, new format, getting it all together at the moment

  • damn, I’m liking the new place Luke 🙂

  • OboeCrazy

    Yeah for a new design, and for a GIGANTIC reminder to vote for you! Excellent!

  • Saki

    the new design is awesome 😀

  • Janos

    A true champion indeed.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Yep. Zues even granted Balls the power of the Lightning Bolt.