Power Move

Power Move

I have been trying over the last few months to three star all the levels on Angry Birds. And if you’ve played Angry Birds and you’ve ever come oh so close to beating a level and find yourself tilting or shaking your phone / iPad trying to get that last pig, then I hope you are liking the new update to Angry Birds. The new Power Up Items are finding much use in helping me three star all the maps I’ve been stuck on. My favorite being able to shake the map to tip over any rubble that is teetering on near falling. Though how the earth is made to shake? One can only assume. I assume it’s farts, because I do dick and fart jokes.

  • Jay

    “dick and fart jokes”… what are you, brian posehn?

  • Elnea

    LOL Balls2that angry birds! Ha!

  • Balls 2 That + Angry Birds = Angry Balls…..?

  • Jegsimmons

    can you say new plushie toy?

    or angry bird/balls dodge balls?

  • OboeCrazy

    I’m so glad you assumed farts, as the alternative would have been rated XXX.