Poopy Puzzle

Poopy Puzzle

After last night I could use a few more toilets around the house.

  • Jegsimmons

    is it a compliment if i say this was a shit joke?

    or if the quest has spiraled down the can?

  • Kobolds must be poop machines if one was able to go down by himself… unless the puzzle has nothing to do with the toilets at all and it’s all a sick joke… or there were 5+ others that opened the portal… or maybe Eric is thinking too much on this.

    Speaking of thinking too much: Does the B2T universe octal as the common number system? (That means 10 = 8 even though there’s no 8 in octal.)

  • Brian Dillman

    Someone roll for intelligence.
    Personally i always hated puzzles in adventures. Seriously what kind of twisted #*^& thinks “hey do you know what would be fun, a elaborate puzzle to slow down my enemies”.
    You want a good puzzle here are a few.
    -is it a locked door or is it a mimic?
    -are those really scorpions crawling on every surface of the room or a illusion?
    -continual darkness in a hall way is there a pit of scorpions in the hall way? did someone bring the 10 foot pole?
    – clean empty room looks safe. so is it a lurker above or a lurker below? It’s puzzling. Pro tip it’s probably both LOL.
    In a dark and gloomy room you see a floating ball.
    is it a ugly goblin balloon?
    a blast spore?
    a beholder?
    You won’t know till some one pokes it.
    Also it is totally not a undead beholder nope no chance in the nine hells of that LOL.

    • Some Punk

      your suggestions remind me of session I had with group.
      I remember playing with some people that had that one guy that needed to pick every lock on everything. It annoyed the DM so much that he placed 14 locked doors behind each other in a sequential fashion. The last door opened to empty closet. Every closet in that tower was like that. After three closets exactly like that, we started to smack his head whenever he said he wanted to lockpick something.