Order of the Couger

Order of the Couger

So it seems that Red Dead Redemption has a lot of glitches in it. Fortunately they all seem to be hilarious in nature. Now I’m not sure if this is a glitch or something actually programed into the game but I’ve been watching my girlfriend play and it seems that whenever she find one of the rare horses out in the wild, the moment and tames it, a big cougar comes out of nowhere and kills it right under her.

In the little bit that I’ve played I’ve come across a few funny glitches myself but nothing that actually has interfered with the game, so it all comedy at this point.

If you got any Red Dead stories please leave a comment.

  • Oboecrazy

    Fuck those cougars

  • Eamon Powers

    I’m pretty sure the horses in Red Dead are trained like secret service members to protect the bad guys at all costs. More horses have run in the way of my bullets than I can count.