Oh Balls, why you gotta go be a jerk like that?

  • EddieMac

    Is it me, or does that biker guy looks like Scruffy from Futurama just with tattoos?

  • Guest

    Is it me, or does that biker guy look like Scruffy, but with tattoos?

  • Jegsimmons

    HAHAHAHAH!!!! im useing that line!

  • C.B.R

    Im sure balls had a very good reason to say that…. booze…

  • OboeCrazy

    The guy working the marquee is REALLY on top of his job!

    ….or….on the Ball. 😉

  • Cheyza

    I guess that’s a more PC show title than
    “Balls–The Human Butt Plug!!”

  • bad balls! bad!!!

  • cyborg_127

    Oh, Balls, when will you grow up?

    (I’m hoping the answer is never, Luke)

  • lol best comeback ever. better than “you’ll never be half the man your mother is” xD

  • gauge549

    Did Luke get arrested? so far 3 comics are awol.

    • Luke McKay

      kinda… I’ve had lots of unexpected / mandatory overtime nursing and I had the flu and other medical problems. I hope to be all caught up on comics tonight.

      sorry ’bout dat