My Mind Is Telling Me No

Hands down the worst pun I’ve ever done.

  • shooting hunter

    Balls: WTF is happening to my dick, its like magic!

  • Luke, just shut up. this is the best kind of pun ever!

  • DuffmanMedic

    Remind me, if I ever see you again, I owe you a couple slaps for that one.

    I will train until that time…

  • Jegsimmons

    i actually got more of a laugh out of this one than all the other puns.

    somehow i will turn this into a dance floor pickup line!

  • OboeCrazy

    If you have to pull down your skirt when you do that, then it’s too short.

    Or the perfect height. 😉

  • Hilarious comic Luke. balls sure seems happy now

  • nice! fuck yeah!!!!

  • You know I don’t hate this.

  • Janos

    This is the best thing ever after Ecto Cooler.