Magic Dance

Magic Dance

not the most brilliant joke, but what D&D adventure wouldn’t have a labyrinth?

  • Jegsimmons

    please tell me there is a minotaur balls has to cut the head off of in order to save a bunch of busty maze bitches.

  • Take the first left, the second right, the third left and so on and you’ll reach Koschei’s castle in the middle so you can crush the Firebird’s egg, ending his evil reign over the 13 enthralled maidens while (killing and) freeing the Firebird and her magic from the Tsar-Sorcerer’s control.

    … What were we talking about?

    When faced with the truth/lie puzzle. Just kill one and see how the other reacts to know who tells the truth. Works every time.

    While I’m thinking about it: Did anyone else find the talking hands in the trap to be erotic and creepy at the same time? Just me?

  • i miss him :^(