Loyal Henchmen

Loyal Henchmen

There is something I always love about henchmen. They make or break a villain. And here, we see that they break Falafel.

  • cyborg_127

    For a moment I thought R’Lish was Cthulu related. Then I realised it was just ‘Relish’.


    shit didn’t see that one coming

  • Who puts ketchup and mustard on the side with hotdogs? They go ON hotdogs.

    Then again, I don’t think this is THAT kind of comic.

    I wonder if Falafel is related to Balls. Falafel Balls. Then, what would Mustard’s Balls’ first name be?

    Ya know. Name one character “Balls” and conversations immediately get weirder.

    • Mr. Izz

      Benoit ….. Balls.

      • Luke McKay

        That’s Balls’ french cousin from Monaco

  • CBR

    I like the hotdog on the far right. He looks pretty cool.