Looky Loo

Looky Loo

I just had a stupid funny idea, but had no idea how to work any of the regular cast into it. Say hello to Mike the Fire Chief and Stewart the Male Stripper.

  • C.B.R

    The lighting on that first panel looks great! When is book 3 going to come out?

    • Hey C.BR., Book three has been released and a limited run was sold at RTX in Austin but were still working out the printing details for more copies. The printing demands have what we can do in The Button Mash office, not a bad thing but we keep burning out printers! Keep an eye on the store though, Luke and I are working on a solution and the digital versions of the comic are coming soon.

      • C.B.R

        Thanks, I would also definately buy books 1 and 2 if they came back in stock 🙂

  • MaxGladwell

    I like the bit where he has to identify himself specifically as a “male” stripper, as it implies that – had he just said he was a stripper – the fire-fighter would have assumed he was a masculine woman, due to a drastically higher level of cultural acceptance of female strippers compared to male.

    It’s so hard to find such such subtle satire in comics, these days.

    • L^3

      Wise words from John Egbert.

  • Jegsimmons

    Quick stewart! grab the hose and spray it on that source of heat!

    fuck it, i cant make any good innuendos with firemen!

    • GES280

      his sexy body would only make the fire burn hotter.
      fuck it, you’re right.

  • hahaha XD

  • MidnightDStroyer

    I hear that there’s female fire fighters. It must ruin their sex lives, to be dragging that big ‘ol hose around all day. Ain’t nothin’ a man can whip out at night going to impress her…