Living Will

Living Will

I really should get my blood type tattooed on me as well as a message to clear my browser history should I become incapacitated.

  • GES280

    you may be onto a good idea there.

  • Shamil Imran Meghji

    Let’s get Balls down to THE* lab?

    • Luke McKay


      • Shamil Imran Meghji


  • You really *should* get your living will tattooed. I had it tattooed on someone else, though. I just can’t stand needles. (He still thinks he got a tattoo of Memphis Belle.) Mine is basically to get someone to make sure I unplugged the water boiler at work. I keep forgetting that and it’ll burn down the building one day. I’d feel so terrible even after death.

  • CBR

    Thats certainly MY last request!

  • OboeCrazy

    That should be in everyone living will.

  • Jegsimmons

    Ive actually riged a heart monitor to myself that when it ceases reading my heart rate for 6 hours without a code, it actually blows up all my hard drives and music players……and the c4 under all my enemies cars…..just because fuck them.

  • JoseRojas

    But…. José Rojas has no beard. Frankly, the man looks like he’s 12.