Left Behind

Left Behind

The Space Blenders have come back. Come back to take Blendy away with them to their homeworld, Blendia. Its a magical world of amazing and exotic appliances.

  • Jegsimmons

    youre giving us depression luke. <:(

  • Daniel Dionne

    Loses his pet Blender, will never get his lady, lost his job. Poor Balls, what’s he got left?

  • A ripple effect of web comic depression. Well if we’re counting, LICD made me depressed enough to stop drawing. Snafu has been depressing for a while now. CAD had a blue period,again. VGCATS has all but stopped drawing and that made me sad. Ripple effect. Duck.

  • quentin bowen

    AWWWWW! After the last two comics, balz is very alone! 🙁

  • Andrew

    I get the impression that things are being wrapped up, Is this the case, Luke?

    • yup. almost at the end of book four!!

  • looks like Mustard and Balls are gonna go on another adventure

  • JoshCarter

    Why Blendy too…? 🙁

  • Poor Balls, first it was a job, then Mustard goes with truth and then Blendy.

  • Lor

    Fired, rejected by the girl he loves, and then losing his best friend, That’s three comics in a row where poor Balls is left down in the dumps

  • Take me too! TAKE ME TOOOOOO!!! D:

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Might as well have addressed that note to “Dear John.”

    Et tu, Blendy?