Five Finger Discount

Five Finger Discount

I like now having the premise of Balls 2 That having the gang being short on funds. It makes it more fun to give them something new to do to make ends meet.

  • It’s like when the students here decide to become research staff and the departments want them to find funding for their projects. They’re like “Wuh?”, “How do I even…?”, “Fun, ding?”, “So… give me funds like you used to do.”

    Luckily, I worked for a professor that had his kids learn how to make propositions while they were still students and not yet research staff. Now that I re-read that, it sounds like he might have had a prostitution ring. Then again, it *is* whoring oneself for money in a sense.

  • Jegsimmons

    Take a full shot of the epipen and then snatch and run motha fuckas!