Final Answer

Final Answer

Well Balls, she’s just not that into you. And I think he gets it this time. I know this comic isn’t that funny. I just needed to write this in to properly develop these characters.

  • Well, this is new.
    I thought she was really into him. :~/
    She lapsed into depression when he left, didn’t she?

  • JoshCarter

    Harsh, Mustard. Real harsh.

    Though why can’t the Doctor just give him more of that serum…?

    Also, my marathon of reading every single comic up to the current ones has finally been accomplished! Now to wait for more to appear…

  • Robert Pape

    Doc’s gonna need a bigger syringe to help with that BURN!

  • Jegsimmons

    damn, mustard. thats just…cold…at least put him down nicer than that.

  • C.B.R


  • its okay Balls we’ve been there before buddy….

  • Trevz

    I hope balls finally lets her and I do get tired of him lapping over her.

  • Janos

    Balls looks so god damn sad, like a sad puppy almost.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    When insanity is normal for everyone around you, being sane really sucks.