Fever Fueled

Fever Fueled

Hi gang, so today I was going to start a new short story arc, but its a bit more art heavy and today I have the flu something fierce 🙁

This literally is fever fueled as I’m running at 103° all day today.

I think it might be “funny”

  • Is the idol made of Red Lyrium?

  • Jegsimmons

    damn Balls, you come across a lot of cursed items.

    (also “there’s” is missing an S)

  • Qiz Burger

    Hey Luke. Love your comics. Was planning on buying some. Why is the Storenvy page closed? Thanks

  • sam

    merry Christmas Luke! just binge read all of Balls 2 That and its amazing what you can do! have a very merry Christmas my dude!