Exit Stage Right

Exit Stage Right

It’s about time I explained this plot point for Balls 2 That. Now Col.Sugar won’t have to sneak around so much. This should be fun when they get back to the world …. that is if they survive what’s in that cave.

  • Is it the Black Beast of Caerbannog? … or something just a tab bigger?

    Find out in the next thrilling installment of BBBAAALLLLSSSS22222TTTHHHHAAAATTT!!!

    • Luke McKay

      Spoiler: … this is the point in the book where the centerfold of the printed book would be, so there will be a big art splash page of Balls 2 That vs Tiamat. (or non copyright version of said dragon)

      • Balls fighting the Rainbow Dragon sounds ’bout right. 🙂

  • Jegsimmons

    Is he gonna fight a fell beast, bang its mother who in turn gives birth to the son of cain?
    Wait…im getting something backwards…..

    Ok so he’s gonna trick the dragon into attacking a city as revenge for stealing a gem then he’s gonna steal the rest of the gold and bail.

    i mean, thats what i;d do as chaotic neutral.