Dying is Easy

Dying is Easy

You know, I didn’t think I’d like the movie version of Bane, but I really am warming up to it. If I could, I’d go see Dark Knight Rises again.

  • Adrian Jenkin

    This would probably make more sense if I’d seen the movie – or read the comics – or stuff. 🙂

  • inewbeam

    Bane was awesome!
    Funny voice too!

  • McKayGamer

    If you were a friend of mine We could go see the Dark Knight Rises again. My friend works at the theater and We can see movies for free

  • OboeCrazy

    Is that the official “Talk to the hand” hand Balls is giving? Excellent!

  • Ya kno, I think I had that same Dino water-gun when I was a kid…

  • Nova

    “I killed the bat, now, i kill the man.”

  • Tropes

    Imagine this dialog said in the voice from those guys who voiced over some of the older comics. So hilarious. “Molded bu it” indeed!

  • i need to see the goddamn batman movie