Doppelgangers Everywhere

Quickly wrapping up this story arc so we can get back to some funnies. But yeah, Balls just shot a guy for looking vaguely like him. Cold blooded dude.

  • Meh. I’ve killed people for less.

    • I mean… I’ve seen other people kill for less. 👀

  • flamedance58

    Damn the size of that hole in his chest from that gun. Did he borrow a gun from Roger Rabbit’s world?

    • Jeg Simmons

      well it is a .357 with hollow points id imagine.

  • {DeathClan} VoidsWrath

    That moment when you catch up to the current point in a series
    I cri eri tiem

  • Andrey Ganeev

    Thanks for the birthday gift

  • Jeg Simmons

    Balls lives matter!

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Dangit! Now Balls is going to miss out on free coffee & donuts!