Deep Pockets

Deep Pockets

Been working a lot. Actually found myself with some extra cash the other day. I put it into savings. Strippers will have to wait for another payday.

  • Jegsimmons

    but purses are gay, thats why women and gays use them.

    also, what gay guy is going to see you in a strip club?

    then again, that body and flexibility will turn anyone on.

  • OboeCrazy

    I should go to the strip club more often, apparently strippers have all the best advice.

  • Cheyza

    If you’re actually having a normal conversation with a stripper, somebody’s doing something wrong.

    • ShadowStylez

      True that!

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Since when does a conversation that includes gays considered “normal?”

  • Awesome comic Luke hilarious strip club advice

  • Luke, seeing that you have improved on drawing strippers has made me proud. your skills are amazing. and funny ^^

  • Dave

    For strippers every day is pay day.

  • IDK… the kind of stripper you’d want your parents to meet?

  • Inewbeam

    All straight men know that carrying a purse just makes you look like a robbery suspect!

  • dicks

    you should draw porn of mustard

  • Yup

    This stripper is beautiful.

  • But what to call her? How about ‘Candy’? ‘Candy-Stripper’?

  • Mike

    Is it just me, or does Balls have a better relationship with the steipper than Mustard?