Well, that’s one way to get out of owing someone money. Have your villain stab them in the back.

  • Shamil Imran Meghji

    Pothead kung fu sensei. My brain is exploding…

  • I guess it’s a good thing that Mustard survived, then. He’d be SOL if he had killed her in the middle of the ocean.

  • CBR

    NOOOO! Not corporal Whosits!!!!! WHY?!?!?

  • OboeCrazy

    My money is on the old guy. In Kung Fu movies, always bet on the old guy.

  • Hmm. Is he like a Drunken Master, only he gets high to fight?
    A Weed Warrior? Ganja Guru? MJMA Fighter?

    • GES280

      little known fact, drunken fist is never actually practiced drunk, it’s just made to mimic the movements of a drunkard.

  • Cargen

    As opposed to kung fu street basketball?

    Scratch that; writing a kung fu basketball movie brb.

  • Isaac Wilber

    So he grows more than just bamboo in his zen garden…

  • Evil Paladin

    That is one freakishly huge knife to go through the Corporal’s ribcage and still have a significant amount sticking out the front of his chest!
    Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!…..

  • Gustavus

    “That was bogus bag of herbs.” I think you’re missing an “a” in between “was” and “bogus” Luke.


    ITS MOTHER FUCKING MORTAL KOMBAT, ITS GO TIME! oh and hahaha Corporal Whostits XD