Character Shits

Character Shits

with this costume change for Mustard, the comic has become more fun to draw, so here is two pages at once.

  • Broian

    I think Sugar is giving Mustard a run for the money in this one. She gets more done with less hanging out…

  • Jegsimmons

    Fuck me! i was not prepared for Mustards armor change!

    Rolling a damn 20 on looks, amirite?!

    Pin up page, when?

    Everyone’s elses change are pretty much spot on. And of course, balls already having lock picks and not allowed to have weapons is pretty funny.

    Though as a rogue, he can successfully steal weapons or use improvise weapons like clubs or make shift spears just lying around.
    Or as i like to do….crush glass in a bag and throw it in peoples faces, i mean getting dirty and creative.

    • Luke McKay

      the pin up page will be at the end of the series. (the cover art) and the printed book will have an additional splash page for the centerfold, as per usual in these adventures.

  • Jegsimmons

    Wait hold on…how does mustard have +10 intel but Balls has +17?
    Is it because he’s crazy and knows a lot of weirdness most dont bother with?

    • Luke McKay

      yeah, I noticed that too – I fixed some of the stats and I’ll repost this comic with a bunch of other fixes with the new site.

  • DecroMcQuin

    That DM is far too helpful. HE MUST BE AN IMPOSTER!

  • cyborg_127

    Paladin uses detect evil. Paladin confirms Tso is the only actual evil person there.

  • I’d knock down Balls’ strength and boost his charisma.