Caught in a Jam

Caught in a Jam

Check it out! Luke McKay, Jose Rojas and Grayson Grant bring you The Button Mash Video Podcast!

Today’s comic is written by Bren MacDonald.

  • Ohhhh fuck O_O

  • classic

  • We’re gonna need some more bandages for Balls.

    • MidnightDStroyer

      Before we can use the bandages though, we’ll have to get some needles & thread…Lots & lots of thread.

  • OboeCrazy

    The joys of shredding mixed with the HORRORS OF SHREDDING!!!

  • boredomcrisis

    We’ve experienced Balls and his battles. General Tso couldnt defeat him, camels couldnt beat him, even a dinosaur couldnt beat him…but today Balls faces his greatest nemesis of all times….a paper shredder. Coming this Fall to a theater nowhere near you.

  • TI Kill Joy

    It appears he will no longer have thumbs for the rest of his adventures.

  • Balls seems to have issues with appliances that have teeth.
    First there was Blendy, now the shredder…

  • TomNova

    how ironic. bandages that end up hurting you.