Butt to the Future

Butt to the Future

Alright, a new Balls 2 That adventure. This next adventure is gonna be a mix of full page and three panel comics, that some how by comic #600 will make a 24 page comic. I’m kicking around the title “Hystoria”  –  it’s going to be a Balls 2 That adventure across time.. somehow without the use of a time machine, because if you absolutely want to ruin your story, introduce time travel and causality. This is gonna be more just remembering the past.. through the eyes of Balls and Mustard. If you have a better book title idea than “Hystoria” please leave a comment and I will mostly likely steal it from you and not credit you, and when we finally do meet in person you can punch me in the face and say, “That was for Pasterama!!”

  • Whittonjj

    Bygone Balls.

  • shootinghunter

    Balls and Back again

  • Cole

    Timey-Wimey Balls

  • Jegsimmons

    So im just gonna admire how well done that first panel is for a while.

  • Adrian

    The instant I read Historia I thought of Histeria – hysteria misspelled.