Breaking Wind Instruments

After hearing about the guitar from the Martin Museum that got smashed on the set of the Hateful Eight, I had to make a comic. It was just so fortuitous that a bit of news like that showed up as Balls and Mustard start a adventure in a museum.

Also, Hi Rupert! I hear you like the comics. There are a lot funnier ones in the archives, give that button a click.

  • Jegsimmons

    This is a comic so i can laugh at Balls being savage as fuck. (plus he knows Mesopotamia was 4,000 years ago so that curator was a fucking liar!)

    but as a guitarist and history lover, if i ever meet Tarintino, im smashing a guitar over HIS face.

    thats said im loving the art work in these recent comics.

    • Mesopotamia is still there. It just means “between the rivers” like Arabic Bayna ‘n-Nahrayn. I think it might have been called something like Nahraym in those other Semitic languages…

      2000 years ago Mesopotamia was a Parthian province. Ancient by English-speaking standards.

  • That first panel doesn’t look anything like the Roland Emmerich movie. After all, we know movies have their facts straight whereas museums make up shit.

  • Sigh, Balls and his depth perception strike again. He really should remove that bandage given that he is clone-Balls who doesn’t need it.