Bombs Away

Bombs Away

So it’s been rather lively here at the GGM office. Most part being that we now have a new office. We’re still unpacking but Logan and I now actually have room to breathe even with all the boxes and such still yet to be unpacked. Also it’s nice to actually have a separate office that doesn’t connect to the livingroom and kitchen. It is a home office, but off in it’s own corner with it’s own storage and whatnot.

Other than that we attended RvB Canwest here in Vancouver and I made sure to have plenty to drink. Many many many varieties of comically named shooters were had by all. Though truthfully, Jagermeister and I have an unspoken agreement never to converse ever again.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, except women can’t get colorblindness.

    • PyroTimeLady

      yes they CAN, it’s just far more rare.