As Simple As That

As Simple As That

That never-wet stuff works great for cell phones during emergency water landings. Which is super handy if you are marooned. You never know, you might get some reception.

  • Aaron Fung

    surprised you didn’t put a “lost” reference in

  • Matt Boudreau

    Is that you driving the boat Luke?


      i think that is him


    I should do that!

  • I’m reminded of a short story by Steven King, “Survivor Type”, where a surgeon (who is also a drug-dealer) stranded on an island starts a journal and …
    … started eating himself to stay alive. The journal ends when he starts talking about fingers.

    The story never explained whether or not he weighed the same right after a meal.

  • OboeCrazy

    If this was Minecraft, she’d be all set for the rest of her life.