All I Wanted Was Another Pepsi

I’ve been kinda bummed lately, so I thought I’d do another soda related comic where Balls wants to die.

  • Jegsimmons

    Can i have you bandages?

  • Jean110

    Poor Balls, he never gets a break does he?

  • Jorge26

    Jaja… motherfucking POP.

  • Mustard is all heart.

  • ah yiss, mother fucking pop

    • Jean110

      I’ve run around all over the place so I’ve heard all the varieties of what people call it. Me? I call it pop personally. But say soda out in public so I don’t confuse any southerners. But when they ask me what kinda coke I want? That drives me nuts.

      • Gildarts

        I completely realize just how much time has past since you wrote your comment but for those who read this: calling soda “a coke” is fairly accurate to a point. The Coke company owns 8k brands many of which are soda and when you go to a restaurant that has coke they probably only have coke owned soft drinks.
        Basically, if you ignore the companies with only one or two drinks under their ownership there really is only 3 major companies selling you soda.(Coca-cola, Pepsi-cola, and Dr. Prepper-7Up)
        Gives me a headache since I live in the area that all three of them have their HQ’s. Coca-cola dominates, but every one in a while you go to a restaurant that has a different set of soda.

  • Inewbeam

    I’d reply, “I’d give it to you but then I’d have to kill you.”

  • OboeCrazy

    At least Balls has his priorities in order. Drink first, THEN death.

  • yes you can have my soda 🙂

  • brittknee

    Anybody other than me get the suicidal tendancies refrence….seriously? Im a 16 year old GIRL….SERIOUSLY