Again with the Condiments

Hotdogs, Mustard, Ketchup. Of course I would introduce a character named for relish. Meet R’Lish. A while back I wanted to replace Mustards character and I drew a nurse that looked like R’Lish here. But I’ve since gone back and edited old comics to put Mustard in her place.

  • Unherolike

    Luke you might wanna make yourself a sandwich, your subconscious seems to be demanding it.

  • CBR

    Shit just got real!

  • Jegsimmons

    Holy ball park wieners batman!!!! What a twist!

    So is their a nurse Buns? Or Doctor Corndog?


    holy shit the plot thickens!!! and its funny i love how he said “Ball’s” veins XD Anyways i can’t wait for the next comic! Kinda makes me feel sad for Hotdog 🙁

  • Isaac Wilber

    When do they get a horse named Radish?