Et Tu Gus?

Et Tu Gus?

The Rooster Teeth Expo, or RTX as it’s known was a righteous blast this year. A lot different than the year before. More like an actual convention. The Rooster Teeth guys were nice enough to let us have a booth there. It was good to see the old gang again, as well as a lot of new faces. I met a lot of people who had no idea what Red vs Blue was, they just came to see Halo 4. And Halo 4 was great. I love the new forge. And temporary damage multiplier that you can pick up. It makes the assault rifle seriously bad ass. November can’t come soon enough. But for some of the kids playing, I guess they had only played online and never with live people around before. I only witnessed one incident where someone was using their internet speech in public. They were asked to leave. Sweet justice!!

  • HektikLyfe

    😀 Sometimes I catch myself doing that. Kind of why I stopped playing shooters. I didn’t like who I became.

    Side note this makes me miss the old Rooster Teeth Comics so much.

  • ThaVampireAlucard

    ha it would be Gus