Again, I’m trying to poke a bit of fun at some of these “helpful” comics about self esteem and junk. I do see a lot of comics about being introverted. I know a lot of comic artists who are.. and oh, I sure hope they don’t hate me for taking a wee jab at them. I’m just assuming since they make comics, they’ll have a sense of humor.  … though there was some kinda saying about assuming….

  • Jegsimmons

    Introversion is a choice, a personality quirk, it’s not autism.

    im glad this comic exist to poke fun at other “activist” who think introversion is anything medical.

    Introversion is a description, not an illness. The fact people are giving it attention show how retarded people are in that understanding.

    Its literally less significant that the personality of someone who likes vanilla over chocolate.

    • Gildarts

      Exactly, it is just a personality type. The anxiety stuff is entirely different thing unto itself.
      On the flipside it really is annoying to see how many extroverts thing that being an introvert is a bad thing. I saw a video once describing introverts very well (such as how we don’t hate being around people, we just tend to prefer being with smaller groups of people) and the comments were filled with extroverts treating introversion like a disease.
      Both groups need to get over it. People are different and that is alright; you aren’t good with people, but that doesn’t mean you have anything more than self-inflicted anxiety unless you have been diagnosed by a doctor with actual anxiety problems that will never go completely away.


    Ah damn its good to be back again, haven’t read your comics in awhile